Understanding Why Teens Use Trendy Text Lingo

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Text messaging is a recent invention. This is the easiest way to contact anyone. Parents often get confused that how you’re supposed to hit those tiny and small buttons with the help of your fingers on mobile phones. And the other confusion parents gets is that what is “LOL” or “TTYL” means. If you are a parent have you ever read these words? Do you understand what does they mean? Well I am sure that you don’t know their meanings. These are short forms of some long texts and known as trendy text lingo.

Teens love to use trendy text lingo to write a message easily. All these shortened words are easier to type then typing the complete text and they still convey their message as they want. But the condition is that the other person who is receiving the text also understands those shortened words to get the point of sender. It is easy for new generation to understand text lingo but difficult for an old age person.

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Parents are probably annoyed with this turn that language has taken. Because normally they couldn’t understand what their child has written in the text message. But in fact language is constantly changing and evolving. It has been hundreds of year since language was created. It kept evolving from start to know. Thousands of evaluations happened to human language and that is its best part that it is not a constant, it is a variable that keeps changing according to time. This trendy text lingo is the latest evaluation in language.

Apart from ruining our grammar and spellings from which many people are worried, it helps kids to reshaping the words and playing with the words. It may actually strengthen language skills of kids. We can say that it’s a way to be creative like shortening words according to your needs and have fun of conversations without typing long texts.

Text lingo is not only about abbreviation. Typing a word without vowels to shorten it is also text lingo. As soon as texting is introduces to the world. English language is now shaped according to the new technology. Just like typing “gr8” instead of “great or typing “gudby” instead of “goodbye” is more easy and simple. It is also a fun giving work. Just like you have a secret code of talking that only you and your friend can understand. Isn’t that interesting?

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Short text messages may be tough to read but just think still they are written. Have you ever thought how many texts you teen send or receive? May be thousands of text messages? That is the only thing your teen is writing with his/her mind’s creativity. They itself do not realize it that these text messages are helping them to sharpen their writing and learning skills. If your kid doesn’t like to write for fun or school’s creative writing competition. Then don’t worry he/she is still doing a creative writing work in their normal life.

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