Unquestionable Signs That Your Relationship Is Over

Unquestionable Signs That Your Relationship Is Over
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Are you in a relationship and you think that things have gone south and there’s nothing else you can do? Do you feel that the spark you had in the relationship had died a long time ago and now you’re just there not knowing what to do? Well, it is important to know when a relationship is over so that you can know how to proceed with your life.

Relationships coming to an end does not mean it’s the end of life but you must be very careful so that you don’t let it affect you so much. If you are in a doubtful situation and you don’t know the clear path taken by your relationship, here are a few signs that can help you know whether or not you still have something going on.

They are suddenly spending more time with family and friendsThey are suddenly spending more time with family and friends

When the relationship began, you were the center of their world. They would do everything to ensure that they spent as much time with you as possible. They would come to you immediately after work and on the weekends, they would ensure that they were with you throughout the entire time. You planned so many trips and you went to so many places together. However, nowadays they don’t seem to care whether or not you are around.

They don’t even realize that they need to be visiting you or calling you. All that matters to them is family members and friends. If you are in such a situation in your relationship, then it is a sure indication that the relationship is finally over.

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They have lost what they found attractive in you and they see it fit to spend time with your friends and relatives and spend more time with you. Don’t wait to be told it’s over. Just think of an exit strategy and see how you can go on with your life.

You seem to agree on everythingYou seem to agree on everything

In a healthy relationship, it is sometimes good to disagree on a number of issues so that you find common ground through reasoning together. If you started a relationship and you notice that you had disagreements to which you would find solutions for together, but now you no longer seem to be disagreeing on anything, you should be very careful about the health of a relationship.

When you find out your partner is agreeable to everything you say or they are fine with all your recommendations, it simply means that they’re trying to avoid getting into an argument with you.

As such, they will just say that they’re ok with whatever it is that you want so that they can avoid a confrontation. If a relationship reaches a state where one party no longer feels like confronting the other, then it means that the relationship is basically over.

If this is the case, try and audit the relationship and see how things have been in the recent past. In most cases, you’ll find that something is amiss and you will have to address such issues if you will desire to salvage your relationship.

When something major happens and you are not the first one they tellWhen something major happens and you are not the first one they tell

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When people are in love, they want to share all the good and the bad moments together. In case something major happens – whether good or bad, they will want to call you so that you’ll be the first one to know about it.

If something major happened of late and you realize that you are not told the first person or you learned from other friends or relatives then just know that your relationship is on the rocks.

For example, if they visited a minimum deposit casino and won a jackpot, and you learned about it on the news, then just know that you have nothing to do in that relationship. It means that you’ve lost the critical point you once had in their lives and they no longer see you as valuable as you used to be when you started the relationship. That is the only reason why they may not find it fit to share with you all the good and the bad news of major events happening around their lives.

You constantly think of breaking upYou constantly think of breaking up

If the thoughts of breaking up usually linger in your mind, then it is another classic indication that your relationship could be on the rocks. You could only be thinking about breakup simply because you are tired of the current relationship or you no longer feel comfortable being in it.

Perhaps you’ve started entertaining others or you find others to be more attractive than your partner. This is when you will desire that you may break up with them so that you have the freedom to engage the others.

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If the continues lingering, again, you will not be in a position to give your current relationship the best of your efforts. As such, it’s just a matter of time before the thought become a reality and you end the relationship.

To save yourself time, if you think of breaking up with the current partner, make a determination whether you want to be with them or you want to break up. Once that is done, you will have clarity and you will know if you want to continue staying or moving on with your life.

You conversation are boringYou conversation are boring

At the beginning of a relationship, you can talk for hours upon hours without getting tired or even feeling that it’s boring. It is possible for you to talk through the entire night and wonder how fast time can sometimes fly.

However, when you realize that the conversations are boring or you tend to pick up fights during normal conversations just know your time together could be over.

You want to find them boring because you don’t find what they’re saying to be interesting as they used to be the past. It means that you’ve lost value in what you have to talk with them or what you have to share.

Such is always an indication that the attraction is gone and if you continue staying in the relationship, then you’ll just be wasting your time instead of making the bold move to get on with your life.


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