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How To Use Soccer Statistics To Pick Soccer Winners

How To Use Soccer Statistics To Pick Soccer Winners
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Here is a simple how-to guide on how to use the SoccerKeep statistics tool. It is a free online tool that many soccer fans and gamblers are using to predict which teams will win which matches. The premise is very simple, the tool crunches the numbers from its statistics database and gives a percentage probability on which team will win.

It is a free tool that you may use online. You may sign up for an account for free without giving any private information, and there is nothing to download. It is not a betting system, it is a tool that processes statistics and gives probabilities based on those statistics. Here, you will learn how to effectively use the SoccerKeep tipping tool.

Here Is A Quick Video To Show You What The Soccer Keep Tool Does

Start by going to the homepage at SoccerKeep and taking a look around. It may seem intimidating at first, but once you are used to statistics system, you will come to understand what the numbers mean, and you will be better able to skim through them to find the information you need.

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Image of the soccerkeep home page

Before you move on to the tipping tool, you should probably familiarize yourself with the website first. Figure out how it works, and get a feel for the information it is displaying. Try clicking a few tabs to see if there is anything you recognize and/or are already familiar with.

Showing the soccerkeep website

Click on the login link and either sign up for a new account, or log into the one you have already created. They do not ask for personal details; you don’t even have to give your name. Setting up your account is quick and free. It is not a trial run, you do not have to download anything, and there is nothing to spend money on.

showing the login or register page

Once you have logged in, you are able to see how the tool works. Look through the website and find an upcoming match. If the match is due to take place reasonably soon, then the tipping tool should have processed the statistics and produced a tipping prediction. Pick a match by clicking on the line between the two matches. You can see the upcoming matches on the image below. For the sake of our example, we will pick a match that has already run its course, so you may see what tips you will receive and what they mean.

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How To Find The SoccerKeep Statistical Betting Tips

A page showing different soccer matches due to be played

The image below shows a finished match. After a match has completed, small ticks and crosses will appear next to the betting tips. These indicate which tips were correct and which were not. The image shows that Poland were due to win according to recent statistics. But, it also shows that the SoccerKeep tool thought that Switzerland should be in the winning seat by the end of the first half. The free online tool also thought that both Switzerland and Poland would have scored by the first half, but this didn’t happen either.

Betting tips from SoccerKeep

The tool accurately predicted six out of eight things correctly. It was even able to crunch the statistics and figure out that the first goal should occur within the last fifteen minutes of the first half. The percentage figures indicate the likelihood of each tip being correct; they are the probability scores that helped to generate the tips. Notice how the incorrect tip for the halftime result only had a 55% probability.

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There you have it. That is how you use statistics and probabilities to figure out which soccer teams are going to win. It is not as difficult as it looks, and the live scores make the process a little more engaging. Enjoy picking your winners.

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