Vega Protein Powder Side Effects

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This protein powder is made of purely natural components and plant-based protein. The product is free of any artificial ingredients and genetically modified objects. Such content of Vega Shake stipulates the possible absence of any side effects, however, the following review provides the contrary opinion. In order to understand what side effects can be caused, it is essential to learn the quality of content of the shake.

Vegan Protein
Vegan Protein

Concerned Ingredients

Indeed, the list of 35 ingredients of Vega One consists of only natural components. These include gelatinized maca powder, organic acacia gum, marine algae calcium, papaya extract, chlorella vulgaris and others. The following ones are of special concern:

Marine algae calcium is extracted from dead algae and often contains various contaminants like lead. High concentrations of lead can be dangerous.

Maca is a plant providing vitality and energy. However, the process of gelatinization eliminates essential digestive enzymes. As a result, metabolism of minerals and vitamins slows down.

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Organic acacia gum is a thickener. This component is usually added to ceramics, chewing gum and fillings. Unfortunately, this ingredient is known to trigger various side effects like loose stool, bloating, nausea and gas.

Bacillus coagulants are usually used to treat diarrhea. This ingredient is useless for a regular person and therefore can cause gas, bloating and nausea.


Protein is the main component of any meal replacement shake. Mostly, the quality of protein influence on the overall quality of shake. One serving of Vega Protein Powder contains 20 grams of protein. It is important to note that this shake has four different sources of plant protein.

Chlorella Vulgaris. This source provides nutrients and protein, however, it is not beneficial for immune system. Chlorella can trigger harmful inflammation and is rather expensive protein source.

Sacha Inchi. It is a popular protein source that is often used in many MR products. Sacha inchi provides three fatty acids but the level of amino acid is rather low.

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Hemp. This source of protein and fiber is also low in amino acids (leucine and lysine). Nevertheless, the amount of fiber and protein per weight is rather high.

Pea. Pea protein is easy to digest. However, this protein source is not recommended to people experiencing kidney issues. The source also lacks in amino acids.

As you see, these protein sources do not provide enough amino acids separately, therefore they are used as a blend.

Customer Feedbacks

In the web, there are numerous complaints about taste, efficiency, quality, and price of Vega Powder. In addition, many users have experienced extreme reactions to the shake including vomiting.

The main issue of the product is low quality protein. The protein sources used in the shake do not provide enough amino acids, which are required in high amount when replacing a full meal. This can lead to fatigue, losing muscle mass and overall negative effect on immune system.

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In general, despite the absence of artificial or GMO ingredients, the Vega Shake cannot be called safe product.

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