Advantages of Using a VoIP Bandwidth Optimization Software

Advantages of Using a VoIP Bandwidth Optimization Software
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VoIP Bandwidth Optimization Software

Higher bandwidth consumption and SIP blockage are two of the most common problems for VoIP-termination service providers. While the higher consumption of bandwidth increases the cost of providing termination services, service providers are not able to provide services in areas where SIP is blocked. An excellent solution for these problems is a VoIP bandwidth optimization software.

While cost-efficiency is one of the major reasons for using VoIP, the bandwidth optimization software makes VoIP even more affordable to the users and allows the services providers to provide termination services in SIP blocked areas as well. The software provides a wide-range of benefits and some of the most important benefits are mentioned below-

Excellent Optimization of Bandwidth

The advanced technologies used by the optimization service providers allows users to save more than 60% of their bandwidth without compromising the quality of their calls. Moreover, they have features that further improve the voice quality to allow companies to offer better customer support. And with the help of tunneling technologies used in them, the optimization software can easily bypass all the different types of blockages, including SIP blockages.

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Easy to Use

The software is extremely simple to use and doesn’t even need a static IP to work. It works effective behind the NAT and also comes with ISP support to help users increase their overall call capacity and improve their ACD. The software can be easily used along with 3G internet, Wi-Fi or WiMAX and only requires a standard USB dongle.

Compatible with Standard Codecs and Protocols

The optimization software’s are generally compatible with all the standard VoipSwitch, VOS, Asterisk, etc. softswitches. They are also compatible with all the common GSM gateways, like Addpac, Goip, etc. Moreover, the software also supports all the audio codecs in their passthrough mode and also supports transcoding to enhance optimization of bandwidth.

Variety of Additional Features

With a SIM based termination optimization software, users do not need to invest in a Softswitch as the software can be directly connected to multiple gateways from different locations and data traffic can be aggregated from different vendors. To enhance ASR, some software’s also come with route retry feature. Moreover, to avoid detection of SIM, the software also allows users to blacklist and whitelist the originating and terminating numbers.

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There are several reasons that make bandwidth optimization software an excellent option for VoIP termination service providers. The software is easy to use and comes with a number of features that further enhance the quality of the voice calls while also providing enhanced savings.


TP Optimizer from TelePacket can be an ideal choice for service providers looking for VoIP bandwidth optimization software. This bandwidth optimization software is popular among service providers and is available in three different types- Router Based Software, PC Based Software and IP Phone Software. Users can easily choose one as per the requirement to improve the voice quality of their VoIP calls and experience substantial savings.

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