WhatsApp will no longer work on These Devices after December 2016

WhatsApp will no longer work on These Devices after December 2016
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WhatsApp’s Most Awaited Feature Video Calling is now alive, If you have not used it yet than you can download its new version and check how to Use it by Clicking Here. WhatsApp is regularly going forward in the way to make it more easier and more reliable by adding security features and many other addictional features. but there is something because of WhatsApp will no longer work on these devices.

WhatsApp will no longer work on These Devices after December 2016
WhatsApp will no longer work on These Devices after December 2016

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WhatsApp has recently crossed 1 million downloads and also it is the most downloaded instant messaging app in the list of play store. WhatsApp is one of the best and easy to use application for connecting with friends and family. It is a free to use application, you just need to use an working internet connection for it.

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WhatsApp has too many features like Voice Calling, Video Calling, Text and Images and Videos and Other things, Because of its awesome features many users of Telegram, Hike snapchat or any other social networking apps are now migrating with whatsApp.

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WhatsApp will no Longer work on these Devices

Recently on WhatsApp’s Official Blog whatsApp has said that WhatsApp is ending the support on many major devices from December 2016, It is really a Bad news for the user who uses devices given Below.

Here is the list of Device in which WhatsApp will no longer work

  • Blackberry OS
  • Blackberry 10
  • Android 2.1 and 2.2
  • nokia S40 and S60
  • Window Phone 7.1
  • iPhone 3Gs / iOS 6

But wait, There is also something good for you guys, that is whatsApp is thinking to roll out too many awesome features to compete with its rival apps like hike or Telegram. but these devices doesn’t have ability to handle new upcoming or latest features like Video Calling.

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In the Blog WhatsApp said that

these devices has an important part in his 7 year of journey but to keep us updated with its latest features WhatsApp is taking this decision. This was a tough decision to make but the right one in order to give people a better way to keep in touch with friends and family who are using WhatsApp.

If you are using any of these devices listed above, we recommend you to upgrade to a never version of smartphone Before the End of 2016 to Continue using WhatsApp.

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So this is officially confirmed that whatsApp will stop working on these smartphones after 31st December. I Hope you’ll like this post.


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