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WiFi network signal doesn’t show up on my laptop { Here is the solution }

WiFi network signal doesn’t show up on my laptop { Here is the solution }
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WiFi network signal doesn’t show up on my laptop { Here is the solution }

This is the very common issue with the laptops at some points. If your computer has a wireless network adopter installed, you can see the wireless network icon. Once you click on the icon windows will automatically detect the WiFi signals that are in the range.

WiFi network signal doesn't show up on my laptop { Here is the solution }

If you are not getting the network you are assuming for. the following issue may occur, Solution is here:

The wireless switch in your laptop is turned off:

Many laptops have this extra key to turn on/off the wireless in the front or aspect. If your computer laptop or tablet has this switch check that is turned on. Also some laptops have additional key combination to turn on or off the wifi.

Airplane Mode is Turned On:

This also can be a problem when your airplane mode is on. Tap or click on the same wireless icon on your left down corner and check weather airplane mode is turn off or on. If it is turned on, turn it off and boom your wifi is showing now.

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Laptop or PC is very far from your wireless router:

Every router has their own distance range. And even some kind of walls and doors prevent its signal to come out. If your computer or laptop is movable, go to near the router and check whether it is happening because of range.

If your laptop or computer is not movable, set an additional antenna, so next time you won’t face the same problem ever.

The wireless router or access point is turned off or it is not working properly:

Here is the 2 things you can do to try it.

1: make sure that your wireless router or access point is turned on, and the signal light in access point is on.

2: Reboot the wireless router or access point. Unplug the power source, wait for the 10 seconds and plug it back.


Your wireless device is too busy to respond others:

Your wireless device or the access point may be too busy to respond others, as there are lots of pc or laptops in a network. If you have other PC or laptops connected to the router try to disconnect it.

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Reinstall your laptops or PC’s wireless drivers:

After trying these all troubleshooting tips, if still there is problem in showing the network SSID (Network’s Name) try to reinstall all your wireless drivers and then try.

Try to Upgrade the router’s Firmware:

If still the wireless problem is surviving, re-installation of firmware of your wireless router might help you. Router vendors typically release their firmware time to time, so if any bug is there in the current firmware it may resolve the problem of not finding WiFi in the network.


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