Word press Keyboard Shortcut keys should know everyone

Word press Keyboard Shortcut keys should know everyone
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word press keyboard shortcut keys should know everyone


word press keyboard shortcut keys

This article helps for bloggers and beginners who want to write their articles fast. In word press for editing, every task user has clicked on the toolbar through an input device it may be a mouse or trackpad.word press keyboard shortcut keys

Here I am going to show the awesome word press keyboard shortcut keys by using that you can make your works easy and fast

word press keyboard shortcut keys for Plain Text Editor


A plain text editor is same as like MS-WORD where we can do simple text editing with some of the very basic shortcut keys. Same you can use in word press.

Ctrl + Alphabetic Keys

  • Ctrl + C Used to copy the selected Text and image.
  • Ctrl + V Used to paste selected item.
  • Ctrl + A Used to select all the text on your page.
  • Ctrl + X Used to cut a selected item
  • Ctrl + Z Used to do undo
  • Ctrl + Y Used to do redo
  • Ctrl + B Used to bold the selected item
  • Ctrl + I used to make the font in italic style
  • Ctrl + U Used to underline the text
  • Ctrl + K Used to insert a link (Hyperlink)
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word press keyboard shortcut keys for Visual Post Editor


Word Press comes with a faintly modified version of small MCE editor. It will open up in a Visual tab in your Word Press post editor. word press keyboard shortcut keys are same as like MS-Office. And helpful for beginners to make their work smartly and fast.

Alt + Shift + Alphabetic Keys

  •  Alt + Shift + N is used to check the spelling
  • Alt + Shift + L used for left alignment
  • Alt + Shift + C used for center alignment
  • Alt + Shift + J used to justify the text
  • Alt + Shift + R used for right alignment
  • Alt + Shift + D used for strikethrough
  • Alt + Shift + U used for Dot bullets or to make the list
  • Alt + Shift + A used to insert link
  • Alt + Shift + O used to apply the numerical bullets
  • Alt + Shift + S used to remove the link
  • Alt + Shift + Q used to apply quote (“   ”)
  • Alt + Shift + M used to insert image
  • Alt + Shift + W used for distraction writing mode
  • Alt + Shift + T used to insert more tags
  • Alt + Shift + P used for page break
  • Alt + Shift + H For help
  • Alt + Shift + X Used to Add or Remove Tags
  • Alt + Shift + 1 used to apply Heading 1
  • Alt + Shift + 2 used to apply Heading 2
  • Alt + Shift + 3 used to apply Heading 3
  • Alt + Shift + 4 used to apply Heading 4
  • Alt + Shift + 5 used to apply Heading 5
  • Alt + Shift + 6 used to apply Heading 6
  • Alt + Shift + 9 used for address
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Word Press Keyboard Shortcuts for Comments Screen


Whenever you receive a lot of comments then you can response quickly be using word press keyboard shortcut keys for comment moderating?

Note these shortcuts are not enabled by default. If you want to enable these word press keyboard shortcut keys just go to you USER option >> your profile >> keyboard shortcuts and click on enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation save or update your profile.

  • J = moves the current selection (down)
  • K = moves the current selection (up)
  • A = used to approve comments
  • U = used to UN approve comments
  • D = to delete comments
  • R = to Reply a comment
  • Q = for Quick editing a comment
  • Z = to restore Comments from Trash option or Undo if comment is deleted.


To select multiple comments press X to check the selected comment and press J or K keys to move to next or previous comment. Once you have selected multiple comments, you can use these keyboard shortcuts to perform bulk actions:

  •  Shift + A = Approve checked comments
  •  Shift + D = Delete checked comments
  •  Shift + U = Unapproved selected comments
  •  Shift + T = Move selected comments to trash
  •  Shift + Z = Restore selected comments from trash
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It might take you a while to get used to using keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse or touchpad. However, in the long run, it will definitely speed up the process and help you save time.

Did you know about this Word Press keyboard shortcuts? Do you use them? If not, then why? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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