WordPress And Novice Web Designers

WordPress And Novice Web Designers
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Working on WordPress

If you’re even marginally interested in web design and development, you must have heard of WordPress. Since its debut in 2003. and up until today WordPress has become number one choice for building websites and blogs. The best proof of its popularity is the fact that 26% of pages available on Internet today are based on it. Some of the most popular include: Tech Crunch, Forbes, Variety, BBC America – just to name a few.

For a Novice Web designer, there is nothing better than the hands on experience on how to design and build a website, following the requirements of the clients or personal preferences. Even if you are looking for a Web designing firm to work with, or want to start as a freelance web designer, WordPress is by far the best option. And at this point presents something that you’ll need to become familiar with as soon as possible. WordPress is always evolving publishing platform for web design, with magnificent tech supported and variety of plug-ins, easy to apply visual themes and many other features.

Why Is WordPress A Good Choice For Beginners?

You’ll agree that the thing that most novice web designers lack is not knowledge – but experience. Creating your own websites from scratch using coding and themes can be the bridge that takes you from being novice to an experienced web designer. But this is something that takes a lot of time. And speaking from personal experience – WordPress is a great way to gain some knowledge and practice under the belt. Especially if you are interested in this creative branch of IT and trying to become a freelance web designer. Or even if you want to start up your own web designing firm at some point. Let’s take a look why WordPress is such a popular platform to use.

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WordPress Based Sites Are Easy To Manage And Update

Ease of updating content on your web page is one of the essential qualities of good CMS (Content Management System), and WordPress websites are very easy to manage. Instead of complex coding, which can be a bit overwhelming for beginners when starting off, WordPress provides the opportunity to manage the page efficiently and also allows to update securely. Its control panel is well organized and easy to navigate. Everything that you need to add content to your page is just few clicks away and is clearly presented. This is something that has encouraged many people to take the chance with web design and development.

But still, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care about coding languages such as HTML, PHP and CSS. Those languages are good to know and to be familiar with. And with your time spent with WordPress you’ll steadily and naturally adopt knowledge and experience with coding as well.

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Plethora Of Themes And Designs

WordPress is perhaps the only publishing platform that offers such a wide variety of options for visual themes and design. Whether you decide to use free or paid premium theme, you’ll surely find some that will fit purpose and help you to create aesthetically pleasing website. Many of the templates and designs have built in functions which can solve complex web programming tasks. Aside from visual themes, it’s worth mentioning that you can easily expand functionality of your web site with many plug-ins offered by community. With good selection of plug-ins you can add Facebook and Twitter feed, image and video galleries, add CAPTCHA to your comment selection and so on. Sky is the limit here.

WordPress Is SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization, or popularly known as SEO, is a long and complicated process, which according to SEO experts, if done badly can do more harm to your page than good. But with WordPress, this is something that can be solved more easily. Most of all, the design of WordPress is consistent and streamlined without a lot of HTML coding. This is one of the crucial factors when you want to improve the rank of your website. WordPress is Google friendly, and the pages created on this platform do find themselves ranked higher in the search results. The simplicity of the WordPress design and its friendly platform will boost the visibility of your website or blog.

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WordPress Is Open Source With Strong Community

One of the crucial elements of WordPress is that it’s open source and developed by large and growing community. You can hone your skills by making changes to the codes and see the effects immediately. WordPress has its own PHP syntax which is seen as a great learning tool for novice web designers and developers. WordPress has a large and active user base consisting mainly of web designers and developers. Since it is an open source there are a number of designs, plug-ins, themes that are developed and updated daily. With such a rich base of users, sharing of experiences is more than welcomed. If you by any chance get stuck and came across a problem, be sure to search community knowledge base. It will surely help you solve anything that may have obstruct your way to successful web designer.

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