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You Should Know How Google Fights Piracy? 523,000,000 Pirate Links Removed In 2016

You Should Know How Google Fights Piracy? 523,000,000 Pirate Links Removed In 2016
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How Google Fights Piracy? 

Copyright holders running after pirates is not a new tune to our ears. Google, the biggest search engine provider on the planet, publishes regular reports of their fight against removing pirated content. They’ve managed to blank out around 523 million links from Google Search this year and will continue to remove more of them in the coming months.

The 2016 version of ‘How Google fights Piracy’ report throws light on the activities on the copyright-holding pirate hunters around the world. Google publishes the report every year to summarize the operations they’ve conducted to remove pirate links and other copyrighted material from their database and search results.

What are Google’s Anti-Piracy principles?

  1. Create More and Better Legitimate Alternatives.
  2. Follow the Money.
  3. Be Efficient, Effective and Scalable.
  4. Guard Against Abuse
  5. Provide Transparency.

“We have also provided consumers with easy-to-use platforms for finding licensed copies of their favorite content.”

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Google said YouTube has generated over $2 billion for rights holders by monetizing user-uploaded content through Content ID.

how google fights piracyThe company said it has also taken steps to prevent infringing links from appearing in Google search results.

Google listed a few highlights in its ongoing efforts to fight piracy, including finding copyright solutions that work, providing new revenue streams for content owners, and connecting fans to content.

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From the report :

“Each time a music fan chooses YouTube over an unauthorized source for music, it’s a victory against piracy—unlike previous generations of music fans who were raised on unauthorized sources for music, today’s young fans have YouTube as a legal, compelling way to experience music online. And because of our licensing agreements with our partners in the music industry, rightsholders are compensated when fans visit YouTube to experience music videos.”

To see the full-report, click here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwxyRPFduTN2NmdYdGdJQnFTeTA/view

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